What is a Physiotherapist??


Physiotherapy - Medical/Health. We help you to self-manage injury and health through assessment, diagnosis, treatment and advice. Self-management is promoted as well as health promotion

Physiotherapists are medically trained and can deal with a wide range of non-complex to complex conditions from treating injuries, illness and disease.

Our rehabilitation reduces pain, restores function, makes clients feel comfortable and maintains or improves independence and coping skills for daily living and the activities they enjoy.

We also work closely with other medical professionals, often collaborating with GPs within the local area.

Our team of highly experienced physiotherapists use a combination of hands on therapy, electro therapies, acupuncture & exercises tailored to each individual needs.

Women's Pelvic Health Physiotherapy services are available at FMK. Our skilled physiotherapists offer practical solutions for pelvic concerns like pain, incontinence, and pre and postpartum issues. With a focus on personalised care and evidence-based methods, we're here to support your journey to better pelvic health.

Services and Treatments our Physiotherapists use at FMK

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Exercise Prescription
Spinal Mobilisations
Soft tissue work
Dry Needling
APPI mat based Pilates
Shockwave Therapy
Gait analysis
Occupational Therapy
Postural management
GP referrals

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