For Athletes of All Ages and Abilities

Our skilled and passionate team of Sports Therapists work alongside our Physiotherapists to help treat, rehab and improve the muscle health and performance of any athlete we see. We use a combined approach to create the best plan for our clients. This helps to keep them not only injury free but constantly improving. When one area of the body has failed, it has an impact on many other areas. We take a whole body approach at FMK to reduce further injury and preempt the long term affects of an injury.

Sports Therapy is not just for athletes. There are many benefits of treatment from our Sports Therapists, including a Sports Massage.

Benefits of Sports Therapy:
  • – Enhanced Relaxation
  • – Reduced Muscle Tension
  • – Improved Range of Movement
  • – Scar Tissue Reduction
  • – Accelerated Rehabilitation
  • – Mitochondrial Development
  • – Increased Tissue Permeability
  • – Stretching
  • – Improve Tissue Elasticity
  • – Opens Micro-circulation
  • – Pain Reduction
  • – Enhanced Performance

Our Online Booking system is designed to make it easier for you to book your next treatment wherever you are

” I would highly recommend a sports massage by Ellis. He listened to my problem areas and I felt the difference instantly! I’m a nightmare of a client due to the fact I don’t have enough treatments with how much training I do, but I will definitely be going back again! ”  FMK Client

Starting treatment can often be a confusing time. If you would like to know more before booking your appointment, please do get in touch with us. We have many options to contact us on our Contact Page