Sports Therapy

Focusing on injury rehabilitation, prevention of recurring or future injuries.

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As a result of injuries people become less fit, less active and can not take part in the exercise activities or sports they enjoy. When they do return to exercise they are less conditioned and due to this more prone to future injuries occurring.

As well as pain reduction and injury management, Sports Therapy works with the client to get back to their optimum performance level or pre-injury state.

Got an injury, what happens?

Our dedicated Sports Therapists will guide you through an assessment, giving you an explanation as to why you are experiencing pain and advice about the injury.

You will then be given hands on treatment at your first appointment and exercises to help you between your sessions.

At your return appointment you will be reassessed and given further treatment according to your progress. Exercises will also be advanced as you reach your goals.

You can then opt to further your progress with Exercised based rehabilitation sessions, classes or ongoing maintenance through sports massage treatments.

Some of the technqiues available at FMK

Specialist Soft Tissue Techniques:

Trigger point Therapy
Myofasical Release
Muscle Energy Techniques
Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation
Deep Transverse Frictions
Joint Mobilisations
Kinesotherapy Taping
Cupping Therapy

Dedicated Gym Facilities

Our studio is one of few which contains private gym equipment in order to help our clients heal.

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Return to sports/exercise

We are able to help our patients with a range of sports/everyday related injuries in order to get them back to normal life.
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Personal Training

Our one to one training sessions are perfect to help get people back to normal life and exercise

Are you in pain?

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